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Hurricane Insurance Safety Tips

Below are some important hurricane insurance reminders from Mr. Auto Insurance. Your local home and property insurance providers!

Hurricane under wind coverage.
Hurricane insurance is covered on your property insurance under wind coverage.
Deductibles from 2% – 10% or no coverage.
Your Wind coverage can start as low as 2% and go as high as 10% percent, or you may exclude wind coverage off your policy altogether.
Distance from the storm matters.
Once a tropical storm gets within a certain distance of your residence, homeowners insurance may not be written until it is no longer a tropical storm.
Single or double wraps preferably.
If you are considering redoing your roof, be sure to ask your contractor for single or double wraps on roof attachments, for the biggest savings on your homeowners insurance.
Beach and waterfront troubles.
You can have difficulty getting coverage on high value properties located directly on the beach or waterfront.
Wind and flood coverage is important.
You must have a separate flood insurance policy to have coverage for any water damage during her a hurricane.

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Remember, hurricane insurance is covered on your property insurance under wind coverage, contact us today with any questions!Mr. Auto

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