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Off-Road Vehicle Safety Tips

Riding off road vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, golf carts and dune buggies, can be fun and exciting, but it has risks. Fortunately, most of them can be avoided by following some simple safety tips each and every time you ride. Here are a few suggestions that will keep you protected while you're on the trail.

Be prepared.
Ask your local dealer about the laws and regulations in your area. Do your best to protect and preserve areas while you ride, and be sure that you only ride where off-road vehicles are permitted. Read your owner's manual and make sure you have it, a small tool kit and spare parts with you when you're writing.
Gear up.
Every time you ride, be sure to wear the proper protective gear in case of an accident. A DOT approved motorcycle helmet, eye protection, a sturdy jacket, long pants, boots and gloves are your best bet for optimum protection.
Find a safe place to practice breaking, turning and improving your reaction time. Any practice you can get will help improve your skills and make you a better - and safer - rider.
Learn more.
Improve your riding skills by taking a training course before going it alone on your off-road vehicle. Also, make sure that your off-road vehicle is properly licensed or registered if it is required by your state.
Stay off the road.
Remember that off-road is just that - operation off pavement and public roads. You should never operate your off-road vehicle on these surfaces as it may be illegal, as well as dangerous. You're off-road vehicle may be difficult to control on pavement, which could result in an accident.
Maintain control.
When riding, it is very important to maintain a speed that is right for the conditions and your experience. Be aware of current terrain, visibility and weather conditions. Always be alert, and scan your surroundings for potential hazards or obstacles.
Be sharp.
Alcohol, drugs and fatigue can all impair your ability to reason and make sound judgments. Ride only when your senses are sharp. And do not drink or do drugs then drive.
Check it out.
Be sure to check that you're off road vehicle is running properly before hitting the trail. Always check controls, lights, fuel and oil levels, switches, chain, drive shaft, tires and chassis before you head out. Follow the recommended service schedule for your off road vehicle and be sure to have all repairs made by an authorized service provider.
Go it alone.
Never carry a passenger on your off road vehicle. Additional weight can greatly affect the handling of your off road vehicle and could potentially cause it to go out of control.
Be protected.
In addition to operating off road vehicle safely, it is also important to have proper insurance coverage to protect your investment, and provide liability coverage in case someone gets injured or property is damaged during the use of the vehicle.

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